a great weekend...

friday nite we chilled.

saturday watched B so J could study for her class. J brought her down about 1pm. i took her for a walk to del taco. we hung out at our place for about 4 hours. she did so good. it was great she was so comfortable at a different place w/o her mom. N did excellent and found out she loves napkins. afterward J came down and we fried a buncha stuff. tempura shrimp (from trader joes), tots, coconut shrimp (from trader joes) and J wiped out some chicken and made a breading with corn flakes and fried that up. it looked so pretty and good. they ate it all. i was happy with my tempura and sticky rice.

sunday we woke up early [for no reason]. did laundry and the rest of the grocery store run. about 12:30 we went up to J's to go to the Tustin Chili Cook-Off. it was the best festival/street fair we've been to by far! you bought tickets for $1 each and each booth charged 1 ticket a plastic cup of chili. it was so fun. i was having a grand time pushing the stroller [my revenge against all the dumass people there]. N and J would go to different booths and come back to where i'd post up with B. there were a bunch of booths and a few were all out. it was really crowded which was the only downfall. B was awake chillin in the stroller for awhile then passed out hard. no problems at all. i was hungry for some real food so we went to fatburger afterwards. it was J's first time there and i think she liked it...at least the burger was gone. :)

alas no pictures since the batteries did on the camera. my anti-trash in the garbage chute hallway was ripped down, go figure. less than 20 days till my birthday. 29 here i come! the people below us had the loudest, ghettoiest party saturday nite. N even called the non-emergency po-po number. i didn't hear them ever come though. at least 10-15 guys were hanging out in the parking lot directly under our window talking about their time in jail, gangs, swearing, drinking, loud bass...i also called the office of course. she left me a message about how sorry she was again. don't be sorry..kick their rude asses out! gezzz not rocket science.

back at work today. found out i'm the new mailing service, on top of everything else. only about 1000 statements [of varying lengths] to insert, seal and stamp..possibly fold if the machine doesn't get fixed. that's why i haven't been blogging as much lately. i'm so beat when i get home, the last thing i want to do is think and write...and i'm never online at work. who said being a low-paid receptionist was an easy gig?

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V said...

I love chilli! Sounds great!