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the tangent-friendly mind of an unmarried, child-free, cat-rich, Buddhism studying, Myers Briggs INTJ [keirsey "mastermind"], eternally 29 year old

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South Park, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dog & Beth on the Hunt, All Real Housewives Series, Ice Road Truckers, American Pickers, Keeping Up Appearances, Skateboarding, Pawn Stars, Hoarders shows, Cheerleading Competitions, Gymnastics Competitions, 30 Rock, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult Swim, Teen Mom, Reality Shows, Food TV, HGTV

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Trailer Park Boys, Burn Notice, Pysch, Corner Gas, Red Darwf, Sledge Hammer, Riptide, Hawaii 5-0, Fall Guy, Viva la Bam, BBC The Office, Xena, Hercules, Insomniac, In Living Color, Hunter, Greatest American Hero, Erie, Indiana, MacGyver,

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