got the 3rd off!

since the 4th of July falls on a saturday this year, i wasn't sure if this place was going to have a day off. the UPS guy brought it up since they were checking what businesses will be open. i emailed and was told, since it's on saturday this year there is no holiday. ONLY because the employee handbook said different, i followed-up mentions in the handbook it says if a National Holiday falls on a weekend, either friday or monday will be off for observance. [i won't get paid since i'm not through my 90 days yet...but that's ok by me]

also found out the receptionist will be back from her baby leave on July 1st! seems so fast, i mean not even 3 months but that's ok with me. that means i'll probably move to being an admin project person which is ok. i won't have to sit up front and can go to the bathroom whenever i want! i'm sure i'll break her when she's back which is ok too.

at pick-up-stix, on wednesday's they are offering unlimited wontons for 25 cents each!! read it on fast food maven. we may have to go get a bunch. it's supposed to go on for a while.

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