as you can tell from the title, i'm pretty tweaked at paypal.

i go to pay my progressive car insurance online on friday. they have paypal as an option so i figured why not since i use it for ebay all the time with no issues. after i clicked everything through i got the dreaded error message saying that communication failed and it did not go through. no biggie so i paid a different way. inhale

then checked my paypal account for shits and giggles and SURPRISE the money was taken out. so i file a claim which they denied in less then 24 hours... deep breathes... i'm kinda patient and i know the banks were closed on columbus day so i wait. check progressive on tuesday expecting to see my double payment since paypal HAD taken my money. no double payment. i contact them and they let me know paypal had paid but then taken the funds back since i'd filed the claim (which was denied in about 2 hours from when i submitted it). exhale

i decided torture was in my best interest today, so i called paypal. after 30 minutes of hold time, 3 different people plus 1 guy they threw in saying i'd talked to him too, when i had only talked to women(?!)WTF. i was given a promise that i would receive a call from "tim" at home tonite. inhale

i'm not holding my figurative breath.

progressive on the other hand has been very prompt in responding to my emails and giving me case #'s to add to the file. i know it's not a ton of money but for me it is.



Anonymous said...

Those websites are so convenient until you have a problem. I just tried to get ebay / half.com to help me with a non-paying customer and weeks later - nothing.

HB livin' said...

i've got the bbb website bookmarked just in case. :)