Back to the beginning..Bruno Reich & his Dream House

one of my first posts was about Bruno. he was featured on a Dream House series many years ago. back before HGTV was "HGTV". that post has continually brought folks. according to my random word search hits from google. every month still 1 or 2 searches..

so Bruno, where are you? people want to know about what happened with the stone house you were building. was it finished? did you buy that property & build you new house & airfield? how are the kids? every hear from your old roommate?

i still search the web myself. he was a fascinating person to watch on tv. they even did 2 seasons with him. i'd love to see the house. if you ever search yourself & find me, drop a comment and say HI. found a site for his company, but no new pictures of the house.

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Jim said...

I too was fascinated by Bruno and his awesome project. I live near the stone house and do swing by it occasionally. It is complete and sits next to a larger stone-faced house which I believe to be on the same property. From what I understand, Bruno and his lovely wife Rebecca live in the western part of the county. I would be happy to share some current photos of the property with you. I can be reached at asophistic@yahoo.com.