Grilled Cheese..Animal Style!

In&Out has excellent grilled cheese. i get them with no lettuce (i have texture issues with warm, soft lettuce) & Animal Style. then shove full of their bomb ass french fries. N got his hamburger Mustard Fried which also comes with pickles.
Animal Style

Fries added! DelishIOUSness!!

N's Mustard Fried patty


Sunny Days..Keepin the Clouds Away...

on my way..to Huntington Beach!!!
back down the coast we go later this month. can't wait for job prospects, quiet apartment life & sun!  this past year was hard..no job..loud upstairs neighbors (no help from cops or management)

we get to go back to the same place we moved from when we came up to bham. the landlord there is awesome & doesn't allow rude neighbors.

much more to come...


How 2 Stay Warm in Bellngham

Tim & Sam in a Sunspot

the "sun" Hooka, Tim & Samson..Hooka & Tim are "normal" size cats

hooka poses 

Weezie goes right under the blankets

N found a sweet brown dog

i have at least 5 layers on


Samson Simpson

he's finally learning to relax & not wanting to get outside so much.


Christmas Tree...2013 Version

PINK tree & lites!! $3 at yard sale
still have big green tree.
lite-up. easier to see in daylight.
N got me the Pink Poinsettia behind tree.