Cat Crew

I have 3 fantastic cats
Weezie- "Princess Weezie". I went to the National Cat Protections Society in Newport Beach, CA about 4 months after we moved down here to look for a new furry friend. they didn't have any they knew got along with other cats there. Louise (Weezie) had been dropped off at the front door a couple days earlier, so they didn't know her temperament with people or other cats too well. i brought her into a room with me to "bond". she was freaked out & promptly bit my hand, hard. right then i knew she was mine! she sleeps with me and is my buddy. she is known as Weezie - not Louise.

Tim- "el scamperman". Cat Eyes (blog) was trapping feral in a derelict part of Albany, OR. Tim flopped up to her for help. she noticed he had an injured right leg. it turned out to be an old wound NO ONE in the area helped the cat with. Jody promptly took him home & too a vet who thankfully removed his leg. Jody flew down with him on Alaska Air from a ticket donated by he brother. the flight attendant was also a cat person so she let tim in first class & walk around a bit mid flight. we got to meet Jody and hang out for a quick couple of hours before her flight back!she is a fantastic person!! he's definitely the most scamperin cat we've got.

Samson- "i wanna talk to samson". Samson showed up at the apartment in Bham summer 2012. he was bone skinny & totally feral. i worked on him for months to get used to people & come to use for food . we got him fixed & all his shots so now he can come inside. he is a giant cat. maybe part panther, but the sweetest cat!

samson on the patio

Timothy el ScamperMan
Sittin' in the Sun
what U lookin' at

glamour shot for Tim
playin in laundry

tim & toy

Otter Pose

sleepy weezie

Weezie von Weezelthins