Fhoto Friday...nature theme?

traffic irritant, outdoors tim, more falcons and owls..oh my

so finishes my last first week of may at current job. 3 more weeks until notice timeeee. can't wait, but to help my days go by in a more  pleasant manner, i've been watching the falcon cam a lot (it's easy to leave up while doing other stuff). they also have a bunch of other birds you can watch in nests if you click on the different tabs, which is where the owls come from. this is the same type of falcon Harry Potter's Hedwig is.

i've successfully gotten my new checking set up with usaa. i can't wait to cancel chase in 2 weeks. i even asked again if there was any option for me, since my employer doesn't offer direct deposit & the teller basically laughed at me. such great customer service. i miss wamu, but i'm not going to have stockholm's syndrome with chase. fug that!

brilliant driver shot out 3 lanes from a driveway
on the left, right in front of us to block our lane. she HAD to get in the left turn lane.
no comment on nationality ;)

the santa ana's had been blowing all week
so it was nice & hot when we got home. i'd
take time out on the deck to cool off & he loves it.
here he is strutting

smelling all the glorious smells!!
he loves to chirp at the birds &
harasses us to open the curtains every am.

mom feeds her 3 babies every morning around 10am PST.

she is out getting food now.
looks like 1 egg never ended up hatching.
kinda morbid for the birds?

feedin time..she's a great mom!

here's my other fav cam. a mom & 2 owl kiddies.
the kids are so fluffy & mom is so dark.
the little guys love to practice flying on the rocks.

babies chirping & flopping while mom gets dinner


Strayer said...

Oh, you must be sooo excited, about the move. I am excited for you. I want to see you, when you pass through Oregon. You can stay here the night if you want, too. At the least, I will buy you guys lunch, dinner, whatever, when you pass through. Albany is right on the freeway.

HB Livin' said...

we totally are. i'm obsessed with my binder & lists. :) i've been meaning to email u too. i'm so stoked about dex being better & vale's teeth fixed & zachs new family. i hope it'll all work out!
we'd love to stop by. as we get closer to the end of june i'll have a better handle on the schedule..but i'd love to do a lunch! we've got our overnights already locked up at motels (3 people & 3 cats yikes!). i've got such short timers syndrome at work now. in 2 weeeks i get to give my them my 2 week notice. YEAH!!