something Old, something New, something Borrowed, something Blue...

we went to Poulsbo last week to visit D&C. i began lamenting over our current sate-of-the-camping-tent situation to D. N has had a little tent we've used a lot, but needs to be replaced. i've been actively looking for a good tent at a good deal. i talked about how i really missed the tent i had growing up- a giant, green, canvas, Coleman tent. no bugs got in, it didn't leak & it was huge. he got a grin & asked if i wanted a tent. turns out he was talking about the tent they bought in the 1970's when N was a baby & used while growing up. it was canvas, no holes, big & Montgomery Ward. we set it up to air out in our yard & it was a snap.

Old: 1970's Montgomery Ward Canvas Tent
New: our memories camping in it
Borrowed: from D&C (N's parents)
Blue: the AWESOME color

still need a name for the Blue One

how it begins & ends...the cocoon

half out - half in.

straightening the tent

up at the ranch


American Foodie in Gent said...

That is so awesome!!! They just don't make things like they used too. Happy camping!!!!

Strayer said...

That's exactly what we camped in growing up, only green canvas. Wasn't very water proof but that's what we used, with sleeping bags lined up.

You can almost stand in them, there's lots of room. Ours had a six foot by four foot flap you could extend out as a porch cover, with poles and ropes holding it up. We'd put a piece of canvas or a tarp on the ground under that porch flap.

ab said...

you should get a lot of use out of your tent. like the color.

Anonymous said...

Sweet tent brosif.