the yuck is back...

and it's ON!
sinuses clogged--check
head pain from nose--check
eyes red, swollen, watery--check

i've got it again! same thing from october & november. i guess it's my monthly visitor now, lucky me. so we went to target last nite for supplies [which if you know me, you'd know how bad i must be feeling to do that trip]. stocked up on kleenex, lundens cherry drops & brand name day/nite attack pack. i slept ok last nite, but had to take a second nite dose about 2am...

why is it when you're sick, people cannot stop giving "advice" on what you should do. i think i've made it long enough so far to know to drink water, get some pills and rest. but some of us have to work so to work i go. where i shall blow my nose all day and hope they'll feel any pity..although even with my migraines i get none...just people bugging me about why i have sunglasses on inside. those are the days i miss the O so much. no questions there. :)

it's not like it's a "cold" or "virus". antibotics aren't the answer...so if you have any real advice feel free to comment. i'm off to buy a neti-pot. see i can learn!


Strayer said...

Hey, mine's back too! I do nyquil, generic, and just zone for days. Am planning a zone out for the entire weekend. I have no useful advice or even meaningless advice. If you want, I can try to give you a list of advices that probably would do nothing notable, but if you want, the list is yours. I'll make it up as I go along, if that's ok.

Anonymous said...

How'd the neti-pot work for you?

Grapefruit seed extract

ab said...

hope that you are feeling better.

HB Livin' said...

the neti-pot is on order so should be here next week. it's a little better finally today. just need to get through 3 days at work this week.

guy at work gave me the russian remedy. shot of garlic infused (1 clove cut up) vodka before bed. next day shot with red pepper & honey then you'll be fine.
didn't try it..maybe next time? it's not a cold that what he didn't get. it's better at nite with the winds have died down..
this almost turned into another post LOL