How 2 Stay Warm in Bellngham

Tim & Sam in a Sunspot

the "sun" Hooka, Tim & Samson..Hooka & Tim are "normal" size cats

hooka poses 

Weezie goes right under the blankets

N found a sweet brown dog

i have at least 5 layers on


mom said...

Looks like the little guys are preparing for warmer weather, it looks like their version of a blazing fireplace, complete with the right color. You look toasty warm too! Are you keeping the dog?

Strayer said...

Whoa, how come it is so cold in your place? Is the weather freezing? Hooka must LOVE heat, to be that close! Watch out! I got burned by using a space heater---great big fat electric bill from the grinch, made me sob like a baby. Hahaha.