the car came back...

yesterday. today we did a test drive to Pedro's. the cooling issue did fine. when we got off the freeway it didn't start getting super hot. that was good.

on the other hand...now my car has NO acceleration power at all. this is because of the car place. it was fine the day i brought it to them and today it is BAD..i barely got it up to 20mph to get through a light. so i'm pissed. i swear to god if they try to tell me i need a new transmission, i might go a little crazy. there's NO WAY something would suddenly go that wrong when there was no problem the day they got it. so tomorrow i have to call..and they'll treat me like an idiot like car mechanics always do. i'm so angry. so angry right now. when we picked it up no one even came out and talked to us about all the work they did. so frustrating and unprofessional. it's not like i got an oil change or even a new timing belt (did that in february).

on a happy note. i went to J's on friday and we cleaned the shit out of her office. it was great. i totally forgot to do a before and after picture though. douh! S came back from his trip last nite so i can't wait to hear his reaction. it was fun and we burned through it fast. i love to organize and i got delicious drunken noodle for dinner from J! mmmm

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