Wipeout, Big Brother 10, MLB All-Star game, HURL, Tori & more...

last nite was tv mecca in our living room. not only did N get 15 whole innings of the MLB All-Star game, i got game shows AND reality shows!

HURL 9pm- new on G4. the contestants eat food..then forced into an "extreme activity", some hurl...others don't and go on to the second food intake comp and to the 2nd "extreme activity". yes the winner is the person who does not hurl. the guy that won last nite had a great strategy of making upchucking sounds which eventually cause his last opponent to blow chucks..winning him the grand prize $1000! yup 1 grand.

Big Brother 10 9pm- is back!!! yeah. although i didn't get to watch it complete yesterday but we did catch the POV comp and the ceremony. it always gets better once they get rid of some excess people too. hopefully that remy lady and jerry will go soon. old people that act old are never fun. Evel Dick acted young and he won it all!

Wipeout 8pm- the new abc show based on MXC from Japan. it's ok but i hope they get some variety on the stunts soon. it's a little lackluster by now when you compare to MXC of old.

I Survived a Japanese Game Show 9pm- abc again. pretty self-explanatory. a group of US folks are flown to Japan to compete on a game show their and eliminate people along the way. last nites baby milk challenge was pretty funny.

Deadliest Catch 9pm- i love this show (always have since the beginning specials Discovery did on fishing in Alaska). whatever happened to Eric and the Rollo?

Flipping Out 10pm- Jeff Lewis fired his house manager after catching him up to no good on a "nanny cam". smart guy. i can relate to Jeff a lot..especially with the rituals and ocd's.

Tori & Dean 10pm- i've always been a 90210 fan. still watch it on the soap network 2-4 daily. i watched the Inn Love saga and now we're back in BH. Dean seems like a nice guy and i LOVED his comment to Tori's uncle when they went to check out his shell shack. sure she's annoying at times but so am i.

thank goodness Hells Kitchen is over for now and no new Reaper's are set to show soon. i don't know if i can handle more. time to warm up yee ole VCR. Yup we've got 2 and we use them to. can't afford the DVR or other crap. we're old school all the way.

p.s. i sent out my resume for 7 jobs today...even though the car place called and said i will be lucky to get my car back on saturday. good friggin times.

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