the car went back...

this AM. called and tried to keep myself composed. i managed to sound a little hysterical but i did ok. the guy was pretty rude on the phone..considering this is something they did. he wanted to see it right away and i said i can bring it in but i'll need a rental now. and i got one!

they rent through hertz so i was driven there and picked up the rental. of course i have to pay for the insurance, even though the only reason i'm getting the damm thing is there fuck up. UPDATE -- they just called and said my timing was off 15 degrees or something and tried to use the excuse that something had shifted when they adjusted the distributor cap. tomorrow afternoon i'll go and pick it up and return the rental.

so tonite we'll take a little drive and enjoy the car.

here's what i got:

Chevy HHR Silver and it's fun!

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