take it to the head...

gasket that is. as in, i need a new head gasket after all.
took the car to the dealership today and they called with the happy news. bleed the system and found a ton of air and tested the gas parts per something. anyhow you're supposed to be around 6 (of the measurement parts) and i'm at about 58..a cracked head would be about 300+. so my head isn't cracked but there is air getting in. 7 month later and $3500+...JUSTIFICATION i wasn't crazy.

i called my brother to check about this and it all seemed ok to him...sucky of course for me. the test was legit and the other places i've gone may not have had the proper equipment to even test for it. points for the dealership! i could of course just had them bleed it and "see what happens". but i know what will happen, the same thing. and i'm really trying to get over my phobia about cars i ride in having mechanical issues. for the piece of mind in the job hunt-i can't break down trying to get to an interview- i'm using the cc and paying the $1600(including refilling the free-on so the air will work again. why not at this point?). the card is almost maxed and the only other stuff on it is the timing belt and previous work done in the past 6 months. i can feel ok about this since the car was a gift, putting this money into it is justified and it should be good for the next 50,000+ dammit!!

i should get it back towards the end of next week. then we'll do a trial run down to Pedro's. if that is ok we will have to test the In-and-Out drive-thru (longest in existence!). the last test will be up to WH. i'll save that for last since it's the longest away and i'm not sure if my psyche will be ok will anything happening on the first "test trip" further away.

yes. time to seriously begin the job hunt. oh to be independently wealthy or just car lucky.


Strayer said...

Oh no, it is the head gasket then. Darn it. Those things are expensive, mainly just because of the labor involved. The gasket costs almost nothing. It's why I ditched the mini pickup I had, because I couldn't afford a head gasket replacement. Wish I could "beam" you a brand new car of your choice! Well darn it. My car needs work too, like a timing chain. They can last forever in a Toyota but forever has pretty much happened and it is in need of replacement. Cars----boy, what would we do without them, but they can surely empty one's pockets of everything but lint.

HB Livin' said...

yup after all this time it really was that. not "cracked" but slowly leaking...so i knew it wouldn't ever get better. i redid my timing belt in feb. also that was about 800. sucks you dry all at once it seems. beam us both cars!! :)