i'm not sure if that's a real word, but it's how i've been feeling lately. not just funky...but funkified.

the car issues that's been ongoing slowly drained me. we aren't able to go on extended trips (without renting a car) or feel safe just going to Pedro's. i'd love, love to get up to big bear and stay at the cabin again but we don't have a car that will "make it". it's a pretty big climb. renting cars wasn't so bad before...when gas was reasonable.

just thinking that the cost of the car repair is the same as our trip (for 2 (air/hotel/car) to Hawaii for 5 nites. if i had a job now i wouldn't be so funky...although if i was still working at my old job i'd be even more stressed out since it was a long drive so that is good..but bad.

the job search will begin in earnest. i just hope and pray that this will fix the damm car..before i have something go wrong with the transmission.

N brought me home flowers on friday. it was so nice of him. i love the colors he picks out. i've never gone out with anyone who would get me flowers (unless it was a dance). i love anything pretty and not smelly so i'm easy. i like carnations too...even though i know as a girl i'm not supposed to since they're inexpensive. whatever

i rearranged the living room yesterday to try to clear my head too. we moved the computer parallel to the love seat and moved the trunk to the wall behind it. here are some shots. i painted it a long time ago with opps paint from HD. and the pretty flowers:


V said...

That was sweet of him!

ab said...

great flowers

i like the way you rearranged the place!!