the sunspot made me do it...

yesterday i did something i didn't think i'd do...at least not right now. the recent discovery of my giant forehead sunspot made the difference. i got my birthday haircut from J & S. and i got bangs...i got a lot of bangs. i wanted light bangs but they turned out a little thicker. i discovered i can pin up half of it so they'll look ok, but i'm not sure.

maybe someday, once i figure out what to do with them i'll post a picture. the rest of my hair she cut great! a lot shorter for the summer and a bunch of choppy layers. it looks a lot lighter and healthier. i'm not too concerned about the bangs. my hair grows fast and i might just bleach some streaks on it to take the heaviness out and that may help.

in car news. N is calling the dealership today to schedule an appointment for the bleeding of the cooling system. i would call but in the recent experience we've have, i've discovered mechanics definitely DO NOT listen to younger, women...at least not me. some patronized me, some actually cut me off and talked over me. good times. so hopefully we can take it in tomorrow and then maybe do a test run the next day. god i hope this is the end of it. it's amazing how much this has affected me wanting to go places-i don't..because i never know if the car will act up. it sucks! fingers crossed...again.

once it's fixed i'll feel a lot better job hunting to. now i worry it'll happen when i have to go to an interview and screw that up. arggg....

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