...and Sold to #174

job front being extremely depressing up here, we've been looking for cheap or free activities to keep from getting too down. thankfully, the cats are healthy, food stamps for food & a roof over our heads.

last nite we went to our first auction. there's a place up here that is an antique shop on one side & the other they run auctions out of. we went to preview the goods the day before so we knew what we were interested in. went home & researched them on ebay for prices as to what they might sell for. there were about 500 items & the auctioneer went straight through them -- so it only took a couple hours or so. we each had our own numbers. i got a used Victoria Skimboard (for a decoration) a box of costume jewelry & sequin purses. N got some fun things like bolt cutters (i actually wanted them) a camo net suit hunters wear when looking for game & a cool blue glass pitcher.

of course there was more we wanted but the bids went up to high. we're definitely going back again. doesn't cost anything..unless you bid & win.


American Foodie in Gent said...

That sounds like so much fun! I've been wanting to go to one myself but I'm a little intimidated. It sounds like such a rush:)

Miss you guys!


HotFudgeNubbins said...

you'd love it. i don't thinks it's as intimidating as that fancy ball you went to.:) that looked so fun! i'm so glad you're getting to experience so much over there. what a great place!

Strayer said...

You got a camo net? Have you ever seen the videos of the infamous Moss Man? He's been arrested for burglary and disguised himself in a camo moss suit, forget the actual name of those extreme camo suits. Is that what you got?

I don't know how to bid at auctions, it goes so fast. Bet it was fun.

Strayer said...

To think you and N got a camo net and bolt cutters, I'd think you've decided on a life of crime. If I didn't know you.

HotFudgeNubbins said...

LOL- just preparing for the zombie uprising. haha. the auctions go fast but you can get a booklet at the beginning so you can follow along & know when the items you want are coming up.
it is fun! fortunately this auction house runs about $10-100 for most stuff..not in the thousands like fancy places