and the last day came too soon...

we finally adjusted to hawaii time [of course] & tried to sleep in. we did a little, but had to pack up everything & get ready.

side note: we discovered a really good sandwich and smoothie place in the International Market Food Court. i got a veggie sammy which was white bread w/cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion and local pickles. they give you a small handful of tortilla chips which we used to scoop up all the goodness that fell out. it was only $3.20! n got a cantaloupe and honeydew smoothie once and liked it.

so i added that about the sammy b/c n went down for some last minute shopping, print out the e-ticket boarding passes (i love computers!!) & a sammy for me. then i started stressing about the time frame, dropping the car off and getting to through security fast. in hawaii you also have to first take your check luggage through a agriculture inspection line and get a tag for that.

everything went smoothly and we got to the gate with an hour to wait until take-off. then we were taxiing down the strip when we stopped due to a light on. apparently a door was ajar. so back we went to the terminal so they could re-open then shut it the right way. that was a little nerve wracking. it reminded me of the hawaii flight where part of the roof came off. the flight itself was fine [i had the asile seat this time]. j picked us up perfectly since she's smart and checked up online on our time and saw we were 45 minutes late. i was so glad b/c i would have hated for her to wait that long.

then we chilled the next day. did laundry. petted the cats. ate some del taco. this past weekend we went down to Pedro's and went up to j's on sunday to check out her new condo. it friggin rocks!!!

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