santa ana's...how they blow...

i love october and when the santa ana's blow through. it's like a warm bath outside. everything gets a little more staticy (word?) and more sneezing is heard from the cats.

today i went on an interview. fingers crossed. my current job is not working out. i refuse to blog about it and depress everyone. needless to say, i'm trying to do something about it and find another job. it's hard to devote time to good job searching when you are currently employed though. sick days called out for interviews and such. j did my make-up and loaned me a nice top. the interview went well. he said i did good. they have to figure out if it would be a part or full time position and if i'll even be the person for it. it is an eyewear company so i do have plenty of experience in that area. i just hope i didn't talk to much about old company i worked at and that put him off. damm i hate it when i babble!

even if they offer me part time to start i'll still quit the current job. (since i don't get bennies there anyway, paid time off, have to work saturdays (no OT) and no holiday weekends...yep the store is open!

happy hump day everyone!

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