Dim Sum & chillin' with Meeko...

the last full day there.

we started out early. my bro and d took off for the airport about 7am to get their flight to maui [they'll staying there for another week]. n wanted to go to dim sum. we try to eat dim sum when we travel. last time we were in hawaii we went to Legends Seafood. they had 2 locations and the one we had gone to was closed down. the other in Chinatown was tough to get to with traffic. so i found a place on yelp to try.

yelp review click below:

i didn't get any pictures. it's so crazy how the mall is built around the Royal Hawaiian. so where the trees are about the 3rd floor of this horrendous pink building is where the new mall is. so strange.

then we went to m & e's for a bbq & to see meeko. he looked great. just the same.

meeko at home

checking out the view off the deck of the water right in back of their house!

view to left off thier deck towards water

view from across the water of their place

m & n chatting in the kitchen

the crab i caught with a fishing pole and lure. other people caught crabs eventually, but mine was biggest [that was a great sentence to write]

here is video of the catch:

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Strayer said...

You got to see Meeko again! I went to the big island once, and I loved it so much, loved swimming in the ocean, loved boogie boarding, loved hiking the lava, loved kicking back, loved it loved it loved it! I tagged along, with Julie from Brownsville, who paid the ticket, but we split once there immediately, over some fundamental things. What a blast it was. I hope you are having a blast.