how it feels now..

i found this picture online. i believe it was in an ad around the 1800s. it shows demons as the cause of head pain..similar to Egyptian beliefs. this skeleton on the side reminds me of death. i know it sounds depressing...but those of us that get migraines think about any option to make the pain stop. if you've never had one or don't know someone who has them...you have NO idea.
the saddest part is, society names lots of headaches "migraines" that aren't and wrongly advertise brand name pills with the word "migraine" added on. hahaha. if those work for you...you DON'T have migraines. just read the ingredients on the back. they are the same as the regular or max strength of regular headaches. it's so sad people really don't understand these.
migraines are a beast all unto themselves. i've been blessed with them since i was about 18 years old. it started when i went to college. i hoped it was stress or maybe the local slaughterhouse whose smell would drift through town. it was neither of those things. since i first had them i've been seeing doctors. common mis-conceptions about migraine and migraine sufferers:- can't you just take an advil? if that was the case it wouldn't be a migraine!
i get this so often it's really annoying- can't you go to the doctor and they'll give you a magic pill? ummm no. there aren't too many pills available for migraine sufferers. basically there are 3 preventative types of pills to try. 1) seizure medication 2) anti-depressants 3) high-cholesterol pills. there are other pills to take once the migraine hits and you cross your fingers and pray on. i've tried many brands of all types with no luck. if i have health insurance, i can get 6 zomigs a month but without insurance, 6 pills are over $150 a month!
whenever i get "inspired" and want to draw my pain...all of a sudden i'm blank. i can see it in my mind but when my hand holds my oil pastels...it all goes away.
ANd to make matters worse...google won't let me hard return on this post so it reads like a giant cluster-fuck.


Strayer said...

That is horrible, that you have migraines. I saw one study on them that said a certain percentage of migraine sufferers have at least one small hole in their heart somewhere. Have you heard that one? The other one I've heard is MSG or other food allergies, particularly MSG, can trigger them in some people. Have you heard that one? I only had them for a few months, when some jerk doctor gave me an injection, lasting three months of depoproverate, that triggered migraines, which is interesting. Hormone causation? When did you begin on birth control of some sort, or have you? Because if so, maybe that is causation.

HB Livin' said...

i hadn't heard about the hole in the heart explaniation. that's interesting!
i've done the food chart dieting and unfortunately i don't have food triggers but some people do and MSG is one of those triggers.
when i first got headaches, one doc put me ON depo to help. haha what a joke that was and i stopped those pills after about 6 months.
so do get them hormonally. maybe someday mine will get that regular. i've been on bc since i was 18 but i've heard things either way..just like having a kid and menopause..either it gets ride of them or gives them to you and i'm definately NOT trying the kid one out haha.

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