up an Enchanted Hill..3 guesthouses

we took 2 tours at the hearst castle. the first was the basic "experience" tour. it was nice since we got to go inside a couple houses & got a good layout of the grounds. then back down the hill we went to wait 20 minutes for the next ride up for the self-guided evening tour. [we couldn't wait at the house for some reason]that was awesome! we had the run of the grounds & took lots of pictures. there were docents to answer any questions along the way..

on our first tour, a guy proposed to his girlfriend by the neptune pool [pictures of pool in next post]. kinda sweet, kinda weird since the other tourists starting making comments. not my type of engagement, but special for them which is what matters.
i took over 160 pictures...so i'm really paring them down.
3 posts worth: this featuring the guest houses, next the pool, finally Casa Grande.

as you may know, there's a 5 mile,  hairpin road you go up & down in from the visitor center. you are on tour buses & the drivers are really good. we sat in the front so we had good views.

bus to top about 120pm
bus down about 730pm

3 guest houses. first is Casa del Sol:

door on top
fountain on west side-statue repro of a donatello~david
doorway behind fountain
inside the guesthouse:
guest room 1
guest room 2
guest room 3

Casa del Mar:

west entrance..view of the ocean
side view
Casa del Monte:

front door
back balcony
side view

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Oh wow. I want to live there! :)