no rest for the weary...

last nite i had one of my insomnia nites.

IT SUCKS!!! all nite i was laying in bed awake. i didn't want to turn on the tv & that keep me up more, so i toughed it out. i almost was out about 11pm (normal) but then the downstairs tenants decided to turn their video game on. that means we can hear the base through our floors! when i lay down i can hear it through the pillows. yeah, i pound on the floor..numerous times. call the office et al.

i think i'll be writing a letter about them next. they also leave their poor dog out all day and the little guy barks. i don't get mad about the dog barking at the dog b/c i know he wants and needs friggin exercise! they never walk it. just play video/computer games, drink and think they are cool. here's the best part...b/c the poor dog isn't walked they let it "go " on the patio. every nite they hose it off about 10pm or later (more noise!) and then spray this horrible smelling crap they "think" covers up the smell of the poo and pee. for someone sensitive to smells like me..it makes me crazy and causes headaches.

so i did not sleep at all (still haven't yet) and i had to call out sick. it's the first time at my new job and i felt kinda bad. i mean i'd love to work but now it's hard enough to vent this out on my blog without my head exploding. if i would have know i wouldn't sleep well, i totally would have had a muscle relaxer last nite. i will tonite to make sure i sleep.

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