road trip recap...

northbound and down...1470 miles and runnin...
started out 6/28 after morning traffic in LA had settled. 455 miles north we stopped in SacTown for the nite. it was rainy & dark when we pulled in.

each evening we had a quick routine for setting up the room. first bring in your stuff, then each person brings a cat, put comforter across front door crack, check under beds for cat hiding spots & block, set-up litter box in bathroom, let out cats, fill food & water bowls. we got it down pretty quickly. weezie would go under the covers right away, hooka kinda perched on the beds smelling stuff & tim would investigate. they had no accidents! used the temp boxes ok & seemed to have a fun time.

6/29 we had our shorter drive. about 330 miles to Medford. A&N were able to go up the Big Town Hero for dinner sandwiches. the Ramada here had the best breakfast spread.

6/30 426 miles with nite in Tumwater. we met Jody in Albany for lunch [at Big Town Hero in the mall. the prices were a lot less at that location than the nite before]. back on the road we got through Oregon & to Washington for the nite. the main delay was over the Columbia River. we got stuck on the OR side when they had to raise the bridge for boat traffic..45 minutes later. crazy bad traffic planning! what are they smokin there?

7/1 we land in Bham at 260 miles. fill the storage unit & settle in at the ranch.

nothing eventful happened thank goodness. one of my tires has developed a crack in the wall, but i need all 4 new ones soon. N's jeep was a champion & A drove it perfectly with tim shotgun. hooka got to enjoy the air conditioning in the budget truck with N. weezie was stuck with me :) I think N may have gotten some patches on his trucking badge for the trailer maneuvering he was able to accomplish at some of the spots we stoped at. A was really good with tellin him exactly which way to turn the wheel, since he's got tons of trailer experience with boats & off road stuff.

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