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there was an interesting article on yahoo today from forbes.com. it was a list of cities where it is hardest to get by.
i thought i'd post it since during my recent job hunt, i received advice from many areas of the US. all with good intentions i'm sure...but a severe lack of understanding about the place i live. hopefully this article and list can help those in other areas to realize what may be "hiring"in there neck of the woods...more than likely isn't down here. and don't tell me about it since it won't help..i'll take all the helpful advice but the rest is just wasted time.

here's the top 5 list (HELLO we're #2! & pretty much 3 since it's all a big clusterfuc down here) BTW--san diego #18,new york #19 and i didn't see anywhere in the great NW. most of the top 20 cities were in CA, so whether you disagree with certain cities ranked on the list, you can't deny the obvious CA economic impact.

Top 5 U.S. Cities Where It's Hardest To Get By

1. Providence, R.I.(Providence-Fall River-Warwick, R.I.-Mass., metro area)Population: 1.6 millionCost of Living Index: 122Median Income: $54,064February 2009 Unemployment Rate: 11.6%

2. Los Angeles, Calif.(Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, Calif., metro area)Population: 12.9 millionCost of Living Index: 148Median Income: $56,680February 2009 Unemployment Rate: 10.2%

3. Riverside, Calif.(Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, Calif., metro area)Population: 4.1 millionCost of Living Index: 120Median Income: $54,991February 2009 Unemployment Rate: 12.2%

4. Tampa, Fla.(Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Fla., metro area)Population: 2.7 millionCost of Living Index: 96Median Income: $45,243February 2009 Unemployment Rate: 10.2%

5. Buffalo, N.Y.(Buffalo-Niagara Falls, N.Y., metro area)Population: 1.1 millionCost of Living Index: 96Median Income: $44,747February 2009 Unemployment Rate: 9.6%

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