i got a YOB!! ...er job

it's reception. pretty mellow company (so far) about 13 in the office. it's full time and benefits after 90 days INCLUDING dental!!

the current receptionist is going to have a baby so she'll be on mat. leave for a while. then when she gets back they said i'll get a new job...hopefully like a project girl kinda thing.

it's in irvine and about 20 minutes in traffic. N works close by so soon we'll figure out carpooling probably. bummer is our lunches aren't at the same time and since i'm reception i have to abide by the current "coverage program". no biggie. i do have to take out my eyebrow ring every morning. i trained with the prego girl (at least 10 years younger than me) yesterday half day, today and thursday...friday i'm flying solo.

2 cool things: the lobby is pretty dark which i LOVE and she hates (of course) and the desk is totally away from the offices. you even have to go through a door with a security card to get back to them. love that too!

hope it works out ok...i've been lied to at the past to companies about my jobs so i'm not holding my breathe.


Strayer said...

Yahoo. Good job!

V said...

OMG! That is AWESOME! Congrats!

HB Livin' said...

thanks guys!!! i really hope it's cool. soon i'll post some pictures of the office