project for today...in other words DON't procrastinate

last week i sold 4 duplicate she-ra things on ebay! although no one has given me feedback yet (i know 1 person definitely got theirs via UPS. i don't want to deposit the $$ yet into my checking unless in case someone gets something damaged ect. i hope i get some positive feedback that they got the items soon, so i can have the $$ and give the buyers positive feedback too.

i never leave feedback first when i sell...and when i buy i always leave feedback as soon as i get the item in the condition it was described. out of over 200 buys on ebay i've only had 1 sketchy win and the seller took the item back and gave me my $$ back easily.

today i need to list some more stuff. if you can't tell i'm in a purging mood. it's so hard to stop sometimes. i love simplicity! but i will let the sell pile build up a bit and i need to make another dent today.

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