no "storm" in socal today..haven gastropub & old towne orange

we have intended to go for N's bday the beginning of the month, but with his flu sickness & finances we finally got the chance to go today. i love yelp. we did our research online before going. [eating out for more than $30 is a BIG deal for us poor folks, which is the reason we picked lunchtime instead of dinner also] we reviewed the menu online, read the reviews on yelp then decided on an appetizer & lunch plate to split. since i'm no big eater this was the perfect amount of food. we were going to get a dessert, but then i read about a belgium waffel place on the other side of the circle we decided to try later after antiquing. did i mention the restaurant is in Old Towne Orange, antique shopping center of the OC.

after a nice lunch, though a little chilly since we were next to the door & right behind the hostess podium. they had some cool seating in their front window. 3 individual booths that stepped up from the floor so you could view the room. the room itself was open with the bar on the opposite wall. i can definitely see it being loud if it was busy. the bathroom was nice & warm. i forgot to order the hot water mug trick C taught me so i went back to run some hot water over my hands & it was heated! N was wondering since i was gone a little longer than usual..but there wasn't a line so why not warm up?

then we went off to shop. walked down the the waffel stand. it was so crowded since it's a walk-up deal. with the cold wind blowing, sore feet & line, i decided the wait wasn't worth it. maybe some other time, but seeing the long line was a positive for a second try.

what did we get? i got 4 more golden books i used to have growing up - christmas themed. i also got 3 of the Happy Hollister childrens books. they were one of my most favorite series when i was in grade school. hopefully someday i can share them with Bronwen or Alex or others when they come over. spent about $40 on paper products, i'm a sucker for my personal nostalgia.

N got 2 boxes of mini-baseball cards [full sets] & a GI Joe figure holder case. i found it for him & it was only $10 so i knew, even if he didn't want it with the shape it was in it would sell for more on ebay no sweat, but he liked it.

the front window booths on the left & the hostess podium view we had ;)

u can kinda see where our table is [R] vs the front door [L].
those chairs are for the waiting guests.
it wasn't busy enough at noon for us to have waiting company, thank goodness.

short rib sliders w/chutney sauce & sweetened catsup
herb & garlic pomme frittes [not like J&S get i'm sure]

the fresh potato chips & side of garlic aioli..or mayo in american
[the aioli was so good!]

N's O'Haras Celtic Stout, he said it was perfect.

the waffel spot..you can kinda of see the line going around the corner.

for J - N in front of the Ugly Mug :)

leaving for the day with our bags of treasures.


cmerwin6 said...

Hello Kate I tried to find another place to post a message to you but couldn't. My name is Clayton Murwin I am the President of Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. and Publisher and creator of Untold Stories From Iraq & Afghanistan. I saw your post on CJ's site a soldiers perspective. I wanted to say Thank you for your purchase and also for your kind words on CJ's website. If you need any links or information please feel free to contact me.

HB Livin' said...

thanks Clayton. i'm glad you saw the comment. i love supporting positive causes that feature such talented & amazing people..your writers & all soldiers, the artist & people like the cat eyes blog i follow who help feral animals...