fhoto friday

cats...gas...mama peregrine falcon... 

belgianwaffling blog-ess had this link on her site. i've been watching her while at work. i think 3 of the eggs have hatched. i was to late today to get a pic of them before feeding & bedtime by mama. they are so tiny & white & fluffy. at nite i worry about them, perched high with wind blowing in the open front. she seems so cold. i just checked now & she looks freezing..you can donate online but for what i'm not sure...some type of wind blocker i'd hope but i doubt it.

loungin weezie
gas at our place $4.29 regular & going up

hidey hole hooka

mama falcon at dusk

mama at nite over babies.
she always looks so cold with the wind blowing all around her.
boxes at work

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