Red Rock Canyon

we went to red rock for the first time on the trip to vegas. it's about 2 miles outside the housing developments that are creeping out from the center of town. they had a great visitor center with lots of outdoor displays. it was about 108 degrees out, so we weren't as adventous as normal & stayed on the path. there is a 13 mile one-way senice loop with a bunch of trails & bathrooms stops along the way. if you click below you can see some pics.


ancient handprints [behind the rope line]

lizard wildlife

ancient cave dwelling entrance

red rocks!

metal tortoise

metal mountain lion

N is under the mountain lion

desert hare

city hare

"cool" wind display

the extent of my mountain climbing


Strayer said...

You went to Vegas? Looks fun but hot. Sure is still wet here in Oregon, pouring today.

mom said...

Great photos, amazing how hot it was while you were there. The sky was a beautiful blue. My favorite picture is the city hare, although N looked brave and courageous walking under the mountain lion.
Love, MOM