Allegiant Air…More like alleGIANT pain in the ass!

we went to vegas for a couple nites to celebrate my 29th(?)bday :)

got a great deal at the MGM which has an awesome water area including a lazy river i love. i thought we were ok with the airfare price after booking “cheap” rates on allegiant. after picking the seats and the “low” advertised rate, there was then a $15-25 fee you are forced to pay to “select” you very own seat [even though there is no option for open seating]. of course there will be the taxes added in at check-out that made us almost rethink the booking. damm that hindsight.. a day early we went online to print the boarding passes from home to “speed up” waiting time at the airport. N discovered he had to pay another fee of $26 EACH to be able to CARRY ON 1 bag (other than purse/murse). $52 each way to bring our clothes was shocking to say the least. Checking the bag was more of course & that comes along with the question of getting your bag at the end of the flight (mine has been lost before).

carry on we did & headed out to the airport right on time sunday am. security was a breeze & we found a spot to hang for the next hour. 3 hours AFTER the flight was scheduled to leave did we actually take off. the reason “mechanical issues” the vaguest excuse possible. we were offered 1 water or pop at the Bellingham airport during the wait..no coffee, snacks, voucher, upgrade. the plan as the itinerary was showing was that we would be at the MGM no later than 4 pm on Sunday, leaving that afternoon to swim & relax. we arrived about 7pm.

inflight we were told all food/drinks are charged for. No free can of ginger ale for you! I also asked an attendant for a blanket (most of you know my cold issues) & she let me know they don’t have them. NO BLANKETS on an airline! adding in the screaming kid & a plane full of Canadians, the flight is hoped to be forgotten soon. Thank God for earplugs, they are a godsend on flights.

we’ve always has good experiences with Alaska & decided to try something new this time. we are going back to Alaska & they’re great service & 2 for 1 coupons!

*BTW: a heads-up if you ever rent a car thru Thrifty in Las Vegas. They will basically scare you into accepting their “optional” insurance for double the price of the daily rental. The policy is [per the man at the counter] that because they are in vegas, cars are hit more so if you don’t accept the “optional” insurance coverage and the tiniest thing happens to the rental, you will have to sell your soul to the devil to pay for the damages [as slight as they may be]. Since we enjoy a kind soul, we opted for paying the extra $$. I asked him why it hadn’t said anything like that online when I booked for pick-up in vegas & he said they don’t have to, until you’re there; stuck with no ride to a hotel, 3 miles from the airport & their shuttles, or paying at a different company for an equally shitty deal.
MGM was nice as always. checkin was easy and no extra charges!
we spent our 1 full day there poolin in the am, red rock in the afternoon & games in the evening. i spent about the same on souvenirs as games, it’s hard for me to shove $20 into machines & seeing it gone in minutes, which is why i’ll never be an addicted to gambling [i work too hard for my money!

my bday was great! I love you so much N, Thank You N for everything!

i’ll post pictures of Red Rock & more later on.
Venting done…


Strayer said...

I'm glad you had fun despite all the extra charges. That's awful. Happy Birthday! It was Alaska I took down to HB with Tiny Tim and they were so nice to me, I could hardly believe all the horrible flying stories I had heard. I hadn't flown in decades before that trip with Tim. So it must be the other airlines that are so bad. I felt like royalty that trip with Tiny Tim on Alaska. I could have lived on the airplane and been very happy.

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