couple things...

superbowl option:
during the superbowl, WGN will be running a Corner Gas marathon. I think i'm psychic--seriously. last week i said to N, "i really need a CG marathon and maybe now that i'm saying it outloud it will happen". and wouldn't you know it---there it is.

other blogs:
i like to read other blogs. it's become an addiction. i've grown quite a little favorites list.
some post a lot about problems in their lives. i don't have any of those things going on. sure every once in a while i have a shitty work day or shitty emotional day at home (usually only once a month) but i really try to keep a positive attitude.
should there be something wrong in my life for me to be a "real" blogger? can't it sometimes be all "hearts & flowers" instead of "doom & gloom"? i think sometimes writing helps get over things, but other times is can be a crutch and keep you in that same mindset if you're not ready or able to make a change or two. i dunno. it can't be all that bad can it be?
don't be in bad relationships, make intelligent decisions about your life and those it will affect, study and investigate any financial decision before you make it and take time to LISTEN to friends who may not say what you want to hear but they may be dead-on. just some basics.
writing about problems in the community/enviroment/politics or non-emotional stuff is very interesting and not part of what i mean above. i understand having to vent now and again but not every post. none of the blog on my favorite list partake in this kind of writing. i usually find them through others.

meeko leavin:
saturday morning meeko will be on a plane headed to Hawaii. M&E's friend is flying over as well, but meeko will have to be in the baggage claim area. poor little guy. we've got some sleepy pills for him. i hope the pills knock him out long enough since it's a long day for the big guy. once he lands and gets through quarantine and M&E pick him up i can relax. so only 2 more nites with our big braddah. we'll miss him!!!

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