i met a boy today..& he is CUTE!!

& he has hair, unlike little B who was kinda bald there for a while :) we just got back from visiting the little man. he was super good, not fussy at all. J looks great! she was up & walking around when we got there & so ready to go..but not until tomorrow after alex get's his snip. she's already gotten sprayed when diaper changing she said, so we made sure to keep it covered-always keep your mouth shut when changing a boy.

view from J's room!
can't beat looking at the pier & ocean
little Alex
head up
head down, you can just see the dark hair & sideburns under his beanie
required hospital holding baby pics:

we are having an important convo
he's really listening...haha
N & his magic baby sleeping power


V said...

Congratulations to J & S! He is a doll... Thanks for the awesome pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
What wonderful pics and what great friends you are to J&S and their beautiful family. Hope to see you when I and Nanna come out in June.
Gramma Becky

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!!
thanks for sharing