WAMU buy-out by Chase..issue 1 & 2

now the buy-out has directly affected little ole me.

1] Chase raised my minimum payment 32%!! that's about 32$. i've never been late on my Wamu card and I always paid a little more then required to boost my credit with them. fat lot o'good that did me. i called Chase to ask them about this and to see if they could help me. they said i now have to establish credit with them! so my years at Wamu (over 23!) mean absolutely nothing to anyone anymore.

2] the Chase cc has an APR of 21.99%!! Wamu customers receive no grace period of a lower APR or one that matched their current Wamu APR. for instance; you sign up for a Chase credit card, you get a year {or some amount of time} with a low or no APR rate. it's on their website (i was looking). BUT if your bank is bought out by Chase (through no fault of your own) you have to accept their higher APR OR the other option the customer service girl gave me--she could close my account!
i guess they don't teach retention training in the country i was calling (not the US).

so my attempt to help my financial situation with logic failed miserably. i might try to go into a branch. it's sad because i grew up in WS with Wamu. they were always nice and friendly..even on the phone. after my bk they gave me the first chance with a cc. the charges on my cc are from my head gasket, dental work and a hooka vet trip when she was sick. not even any luxury items. i can't get a new cc now still w/in the 7 yrs from the bk. in case you were wondering why i didn't just get a no APR rate card now and transfer my balance....i've tried!! trust me.


V said...

You would think they would want to keep their customers happy.

Strayer said...

Hey HP, happened to me too, with Capital One. I've never been late, never ran a huge balance, and suddenly, without warning, my APR jumps from 11% to 29%. Well, I mean they did tell me it was going to happen, the first of May, and gave every customer receiving the notice a chance to reject the higher APR and close their account, which I did.

I felt hurt, really. I've always paid more than the minimum payment and on time, never missed once, and to get rate jacked like that.

Later I saw a news story about rate jacking. They don't look so much at individual customers as at problematic zip codes, where there are lots of people deep in debt, filing for bankruptcy, or with very low credit scores. I must live in a problematic zip code.

HB Livin' said...

that's interesting strayer! i wo9uldn't be suprised if this zip here is problematic since so many down here live off heir cc's. totally sucks!