Huckabee and his tolerance for Animal Cruelty...

i came across this article a little while ago on strayer's blog. i wanted to post it on mine as well.

for those of you against animal cruelty, this is a scary look into the future of this country, if this heartless "human" is elected.

please vote with your heads this year!! not with your mom or dad or what you see on tv. really research these candidates thoroughly. if not we'll be in another 8 year downfall with no end in sight to getting our troops home!

Huckabee Article: http://hslf.typepad.com/political_animal/2007/12/the-presidentia.html

please let me know if the link doens't work.

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V said...

What a prick. I don't think he has a chance. Thankfully.

But then again, I didn't think Bush has a chance either... *SHUDDER*