another trip to the car doctor...

so tomorrow morning we will again be waking up brite and early to take my car to a new place (first come first serve). we'll get there right before they open.

i've just about lost it. after massive research online, it looks like the problem is either my temp sensor switch or the engine fan. i've found some notes on turning on the AC while overheating to determine if it's one or the other. i'll get to test that on the way home. i'm soooo excited. NOT!
it's about 82 out so i 'll be overheating myself with the heater on. and that always put me in such a fantastic mood. if i had money i could spend it wouldn't be as big a deal. i was really hoping it could wait until georgie sends us our money next month, but it can't.

i'm almost hoping they tell me something that is wrong is something the other place replaced so i can yell at them. i just hope this doesn't cost another arm.

does anyone know a mechanic in HB or CM that is reasonable and good?

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