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we had a busy, fun weekend. the only "fly in the ointment" is my car is still doing it's overheating trick. this time N was in the car and got to experience the fun twice on one car trip. i think he's starting to believe me. i'm sure he still thinks i'm crazy. most people do when you try to tell them about a car problem. i haven't decided what to do yet about it.

saturday we went to the food court at the movie for lunch. i love it because there is a great restaurant called New York Upper Crust. they have an awesome ricotta -no red sauce pizza. it's a lactose intolerants nightmare, but i'll still suffer through it.

the we went and saw The Hammer. three words..fucking amazing jump-roping! the storyline was fun and easy to follow. there were a TON of one-liners from Adam. the only part about the movie i wasn't too keen on was the "love story" they tried to add-in. Adam can jump rope like no other! Ozzie was so funny in it as his best friend and faithful sidekick.

i did break my rule about seeing movies in a theater to go. i did it to support Adam. i'll still get it off netflix once it's out to watch again. i missed some of the first half due to 3 loud guys talking (yes we yelled at them and it didn't work) and drinking beer out of bottles. so not only did we have to hear the bottles clinking everywhere, but we had to hear them throwing the caps on the floor and rolling down. fortunately they left about halfway through the movie. N thinks they were just crashing before going into another show. i think he's right. and that my friends is why i don't go see movies in theaters. every time there's an issue of loudness and i'm too old to deal with that bs.

sunday we went up to the Malibu Inn and saw Don Carlos. the drive was super fast and only took an hour to get up there. due to my car issues, we're back to relying on N's 84 honda. his car did just fine now that he got a buncha work done in the past month too.

digression---DO NOT EAT at La Salsa in Malibu! we were looking for an "affordable"place to eat before the concert (not counting McD's or KFC) and we saw this place on PCH. it was crowded so it seemed ok. N got the fish taco (how can that be screwed up?) and i got shrimp. mine was "ok". they put cheddar cheese on it which i did not like and a bunch of other crap to hide the blandness of the food. N took a couple bites of his and a horrible look came over his face. i don't see this look often, as his stomach is cast iron. yes my friends, the fish make his nauseous and sick. so that sucked. the food sucked and was way overpriced for being so crappy! stick with Del Taco fish tacos from now on! haha. they're always good and cheap in a pinch.

the concert was at this spot called the Malibu Inn. it was a really cool rustic old bar/inn. the stage was easy to see and they even have seating in the bar and outside for warm days. definitely a nice place to got see a concert at.

the show was supposed to start at 7pm. it did not start until about 8:15. there was a great group from Rochester NY that played called: GIANT PANDA GUERRILLA DUB SQUAD. we're going to see when they're playing around here again and maybe get a CD. it's so fun to find a new group at a concert. that's how i found the Kotton Mouth Kings. about 10pm the last group before Don Carlos left the stage. Don Carlos came on past 11:10pm. (yes, i was watch checking at this point) it was a bummer it took so long and they didn't let the audience know what was going on. all my energy had run out during the last hour of sitting around doing nothing. once he finally came on he was great, but i was just so tired at that point it was hard to be excited. [if one of my bands did that to their audience for over an hour of not going on stage, i know things would have been different then last nite.] the people in the crowd were kinda rude there too. it was a fiasco to walk maybe 50 feet through the crowd to the bathroom. at rock shows people seem so much nicer...just something i noticed.

so to sum up...loved The Hammer.
enjoyed the concert, but the breaks between bands were excessive.

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