is quitting so bad?

as we grow up we're taught not to quit. "quitters never win" right?

but what if you're at the point (job, life relationship ect..) that you can see yourself slowly being dragged down with no ladder to climb up? is it ok to quit something that may not be healthy to you? i think it is. dr. phil calls relationships like this "toxic". i've broken away from some toxic friends in the past. the kind that want you to cater to them but don't give back. a job can be like that to.

i'm really over my job. i know i've said this before. i feel like i should be happy i have a nice place to work and benefits, but that's not all there is to life. nothing like job guilt.

why don't i like it here? the commute is a big thing. 44 miles everyday to/from work. an hour+ driving each way. gas going up and up. the other main reason is the lack of mobility at this company. there are only so many departments. most require knowledge i don't have. i never thought of myself as a "sales" person. that's where i've been stuck. I HATE SALES!!!! i have outgrown my job. lastly, my head has been worse lately.

i've really been trying since i was moved to this new position. keep in mind i didn't apply for this one, i was blindly taken from my old spot without my knowledge or my supervisor's (at the time). i applied for a couple other departments here but nothing. you don't get raises based on your work here. the max is 4% so there isn't much motivation.

i've been half-assed putting my resume out. basically i have to put my balls to the wall and get a sunday paper, set up an online fax account and start sending those bad boys out. the catch--if i get interviews do i skip work? i'm out of sick time anyway. or do i quit and that will push me to get a new job asap?

i'm going to seriously think this week. i know i'm employable. i know there are other companies out there. i don't mind making less money for a job closer to home.

anybody hiring?

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