a little breeze...

is flowin through the apartment. i've got the front door open, fan on and the deck door open. fortunately the cats are sufficiently scared of "hallway world" so they stay away from the door.

i was going to bike to J's today and surprise her (all by myself). i got ready and found the tire pump. inserted pump into back tire. proceeded to let ALL the air out of my tire in about 5 seconds. i'm such a girl sometimes. N will have to give me a lesson later.

i have a couple more additions to my hanging out for a day list: Seth Green, Ricky Gervais ( who happens to be doing stand-up in LA next month), Nick Swardson and Allen Covert.

we've got some tomato starting to come in from 1 of the plants on the deck. hopefully the other plant will catch up soon. they are different types so it's not too odd.

N's company is going to be sending out a newsletter. they asked the employees for names. the winner got a $25 target card. we came up with 4 and 1 was a finalist. and last nite N found out our (mine) idea won. they will call it Plotter's Post. this validates my theory of being an idea person. i can come up with tons of great ideas. this is the first time i've been "paid" for one. i thought about selling an idea on ebay...we'll see.

and now my fun picture of the gas price today across the street. i took it from the deck. the zoom on the camera is awesome!

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