da Kine Bail Bonds...Leonard's Bakery...Giovanni's Shrimp Truck...Waimea Park...

day 2--friday

1st stop..a quick picture in front of Dog's [the Bounty Hunter] da kine bail bonds.

then to Leonard's for Malasadas [we got 2 cinn/sug,1 custard filled,2 chocolate & 1 coconut] the cinn/sug were da bomb! hot and fresh. we couldn't eat many since we were headed up to the North Shore shrimp trucks...

at the North Shore we met up with my bro and D. they camped super close to our destination: Giovanni's Shrimp Truck...delicious as ever. the Garlic Shrimp are the best. don't waste you time with the other 2 flavors. i never seem to have time to take a picture of the food before it's gone. $12 for 12 fresh,big,clean shrimp and 2 scoops of white rice w/ piles of garlic...mmmm...garlic..

we tried to go to Waimea Falls [but we got there @ 4pm, close @ 5pm]. we didn't pay the $10 to go in & we found out that the falls weren't falling that day anyway. they advised to call ahead. this little village was on the outskirts of the parking lot.

N took this awesome picture of the tree coverage at Waimea. pretty trippy.

me in some plants

cool plant name: MONSTERA DELICIOSA

saturday...the wedding...next

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