full house...

the cats have landed :)
monkey and trinie will be staying with us for a couple days with J while their condo is de-termited and tented. i'm glad it worked out that i'd be home right now to keep an eye on things.

so far so good. trinie has found a spot under the bed and monkey has buried himself in his blankets. hooka is fine but weezie is trippin of course. it'll be fun when N is home and we can all play with cats. hahah lucky S, these are his travel days for work so he's outta here to D-town for a couple days and gets hotel living.

still checking craigs list every couple ours for jobs and i will do that until i've found something. but maybe the "other eyewear" job will work out still. the owners have been traveling last week and are due back this wednesday. hopefully i'll hear something--either way--then.

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