riddle me this...

why can you can do a shitty job at work, get fired and collect unemployment.
you can do an awesome job at work, realize there is no future in that position and quit for something better for yourself and family and you get no unemployment.

i understand people that are laid off receiving UE*. that's fine. but why, o why, does our screwed up system honor those who get fired from jobs with free money?

i would love a type of program where in your mid-30's - when you realize you need better training for good jobs - you could receive continuing education money for 12-14 months. of course you would have to prove you are in a program and with grades that are passing. i'm talking community college types certificates. credits are cheap down here and they would give you money for household expenses only. nothing extra so if you want to work part-time also you could and it wouldn't be held against you.

i just see so many people lately getting fired from jobs for the explicit reason that they can collect UE*. how is that fair?? you are fired because you are a bad worker..why do we reward that. oh wait..i forgot what country this was for a moment. we rewards ALL KINDS of bad behaviour and no good behavior. look at the banks...need i say any more.

i can't wait to move to Canada if the election goes badly -- after our lease is up in 2/2010.
UE*= unemployment


ChristianZ said...

I am on unemployment for the first time in my life. I was fired but when I asked why they told me to not try to figure out a reason why. Then I said, "I always did good work." They replied with, "We know. You just don't fit in here."

HB Livin' said...

i consider that being laid off. totally nothing you could have done about it it seems. more people i know lately are intentionally getting fired just for unemployment. showing up late, not coming in not working..stuff like that. that chops my hide.

i just want a good that is doable everyday with bene's. this really puts a crimp in my eating out lately.