Hooka unwrapping present...xmas eve dinner update...

here's video from Christmas of Hooka opening her gift from Gma C. Weezie got one too.

here is the present handmade (w/ "special" cat nip that makes every cat insane) by Gma C:

we had an extra one for Monkey & Trinie. they loved theirs too! when we went up for dinner there on xmas eve, there were tufts of red felt everywhere. poor santa.

J & S made an excellent dinner. i was going to take pictures but i forgot most of them. i got 2 though! we also had alaska salmon, mushroom risotto and a fresh ceasar. dessert was a molten chocolate lava cake. S & i had vanilla ice cream with mine but N and J ate theirs straight.

results of shrimp w/ homemade cocktail sauce on cream cheese

i changed the tree topper this year from the old silver star to this clear glass snowflake that hangs from the ceiling. i like how it catches the light. someday we'll find something cool with lights for the topper. otherwise it's too dark up there.


Strayer said...

Beautiful tree!

HB Livin' said...

thanks! it's fake from home depot 4 years ago about 35$! totally earth friendly and looks real and no pine needles to vacuum!