i meet...treximet...

today. treximet is a new migraine pill that is a combo of naproxen and immitrex. i've been taking naproxen about as long as i've been getting headaches [over 13 yrs.]. sometimes it will lessen the pain on a full blown migraine. sometimes it stops one from starting. the other drug in this pill is immitrex. immitrex i actually started on back in the early migraine days. my tolerance goes up so fast so soon i was on the shot which hurt so bad since it was spring loaded. the bruises were awesome. once the shot stopped working as well i went to it's stronger sister zomig. i've been on zomig pretty steadily for the past 9 years--when i have health insurance of course. the first patents don't run out until 2013! and 9 pills are about $680 out of pocket with no insurance.

our friends in FL sent me an email with a link to the treximet website. on there they have a coupon for a FREE 9 pill prescription!!! i promptly emailed my doctor [even though i haven't had health insur for a year i still try to keep in contact, and occasionally beg for some samples of any migraine med they can spare. they've been really nice about helping me when i haven't had insur. for so long] Dr. called me back and let me know she not only wrote the RX for treximet so i can try to use the coupon, but said she'd leave some samples of zomig up front. that was tooo nice! i wrote her a thank you card i'll leave too. even if there's only 2 pills and they're the 2.5 mg instead of the 5mg, that still means maybe 1 day of no headache.

i'll let you know how the treximet works. hopefully not to soon. :)
wish me luck at the pharmacy. i hope that goes smoothly with the coupon.


V said...

I really hope it works for you... keep us posted!

Strayer said...

It might be your birth control pills causing you the migraines. I was on them briefly and immediately began getting migraines. I'd never had them in my life before. Stopped the birth control and no more migraines.