something smells...funky?

we have a garbage chute on our floor. for a few years people were mature about keeping it clean, especially after i put up a sign. the sign was ripped down, by an angry litterbug, about 9 months ago. i haven't bothered creating another one, since the people they are renting to are lower and lower class...as goes the economy. last nite someone started playing their DRUM SET at 11PM!! lucky me they moved into our building.
here's the garbage chute this morning. it's been clogged since saturday am. even though we do have maintenance on site [i saw them driving around].

the smell, as you can probably imagine is fantastic

weekend recap:
friday: J and B came over and we fried a bunch of stuff in our fryer. then J foiled my hair but we were stopped close to being done when B woke up not happy. fortunately N was able to jump in and with J's direction, finish the foil. the back looked good but the front has some, shall we say, brassiness to it. monday i'm going up to her place after work to do her hair with brown so we'll throw a few streaks in my hair too to tone it down i hope.

saturday: N got donuts from across the street. in the afternoon we went to Fatburger. it was N's first time, but i'd gone for lunch one time. it was really good. i love the fat fries. the onion rings were light. then we watched the last dvd of the Sports Night [tv show] i made N watch. i love netflix! i went to target to get some blond dye to try to tone down the orange, but it didn't work.

sunday: laundry & i went back to target to get a brown dye. i found a great new conair brush for 4.99 with a gel handle. came home and put the brown in and...not really any change. weird. so i've had 4 showers in 3 days which isn't good for my water conservation policy.

the upcoming week is going to be busy at work. i'm covering for the exec. assistant to the CEO. plus learning more about the risk management side by getting some new project from them to learn on monday. all this while staying at the front desk most of the day and being a receptionist. sometimes i feel a little taken advantage of. especially since i haven't even been there a month! hopefully their expectations aren't too high. so i may be hiding under the covers come friday. other than that the jobs been good and the people are nice. i don't want to jinx it.

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