4.4...6:11pm...earthquake...off Leo Carrillo St. Bch...

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we felt it! the cats and i were resting in bed as i've come down with a migraine last nite...had to call out sick today to which totally pissed me off. 2 more months until benefits and zomig again. i hope i can make it until then without getting fired for having them. i digress...suddenly i felt the room rocking & the windows creaking. it's crazy to realize i can really tell the difference between traffic shakes & earthquakes. i must be becoming a true cali-fornian. N was in the other room and did't feel it, and thought i was crazy which now i can prove i'm not!

4.4 - local magnitude (Ml)
Friday, May 1, 2009 at 6:11:13 PM (PDT)Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 1:11:13 (UTC)
Distance from
Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA - 6 km (3 miles) ENE (63 degrees)Pt. Dume, CA - 10 km (6 miles) NW (316 degrees)Thousand Oaks, CA - 12 km (8 miles) SSW (200 degrees)Ventura, CA - 45 km (28 miles) ESE (122 degrees)
34 deg. 4.0 min. N (34.066N), 118 deg. 53.0 min. W (118.883W)
10.4 km (6.5 miles)

yes, J [who's is in seattle for a week] -if you read this- i'm on full alert. wish us luck!


J said...

glad I wasn't there :-)

J said...

Glad I'm not there! We need to map out our emergency plan when I get back...we'll put on our tinfoil hats :-)

V said...

Very cool! Glad it was a little one...