high trigs = low sugar...

after lots of research [online], i believe my high count is most likely due to my love of sugar. Pepsi specifically. possibly my fat intake, but i really don't eat as much cheese as i used to...and i only have a couple cheeseburgers a week [if that]. usually it's yummy tj's jasmine brown rice with soy & ponzo. mmmm but then a snack of pancakes about 9 with syrup. bad bad :)

but i do have pop. and coffee with lots of sugar [1 travel cup on workdays] b/c N makes it on the stronger side. even though he has cut it down a lot. i quit smokin years ago & don't drink. i walk a lot during the day & my weight is good now.

i may ask my doc about a glucose test. i have a feeling i may be borderline. N got one with his cholesterol test which was pretty smart since that alone could have explained my high count on the trigs. i've requested 9/17 off for my cyst removal so i'll ask my doc then. she's pretty cool so we'll see what she thinks. i can't wait to get this thing out of my arm! it starts to burn more now and it's getting bigger. ewww TMI

upon further review of N's numbers and comparison to the test in november, his diet has been working. both weight and the bad LDLs went down and the total cholesterol number reflected that. the trigs were nice and low and HDL normal. the trigs & HDL only varied by 10 either way in each test, so those are pretty stable. i don't think he needs to go on meds or anything yet. neither does he. just trying to cut down on the good stuff a little more and see how it goes from there.

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