time for a change...

the colors may also change for the next little while. i'd had the other template since the blog began so it was long overdue. it may have been triggered because our VCR decided it was on the "old" daylight savings time [aka pre-bush II's change to save electricity]. as i learned after buying it off ebay...the clock has a mind of it's own & refuses to be set..or stay set to the proper time. it likes to speed up. but this week it was an hour ahead of us to set back. i had to cover it with a post-it; it was driving me nuts having to re-think the correct time every time i saw it.

we're ready for tim to come down. next saturday-halloween. i hope, hope everything goes smooth on the flight down & back. i know how frustrating travel can be.

little B will be down in a bit to hang with us for a couple hours. that will be nice since it's been a little while & she's growing so fast!

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