we are outro...

on thursday i got a message from our apartment office that our lease will be up 1/25/10. every other year we've been here, we've gotten a letter with the amount of the new rent. i called back, left a msg asking what the rent would be since we hadn't gotten a letter like usual. next day there was a letter in our mailbox dated 12/1/10 go figure, & no price of rent. anyway, when N went down to get a UPS box she told him the rent would be the same. here's the fun part, on the letter we finally got, we were told everyone is now required to have rental insurance. of course they provide a "low cost" company if you want them. we were pissed. after the year of hell we'd had, the fact that we pay all our utilities (gas/sewer/water/trash are billed by the management to each apartment. it's a rip off-we know it), & it's getting grosser and louder here everyday. [dog poop in the hallway, ok]

last year wasn't the time for a move or big change. this year is!

yesterday we got busy. we called a couple places right down the street that had for rent signs out. 1 we went to check-out. came home & went back, put our $$ down.

we don't move until 1/22/10, so there's plenty of time to pack & plan. we'll be paying $100 less EACH every month. all the utilities except electric are included plus basic cable! how sweet. there's still a pool, gated entry, 2 spots [way better street parking], 1 bedroom w/on suite bathroom [it'll be fun for overnite company...andy], 24/7 key entry to laundry and management onsite. the place is on the 2nd floor [only 2 floors] & they are in sets of 4 so the living room is the corner and the shared walls are the bedroom. the landlady said it was quiet there and no dogs-just indoor cats. we'll have a bigger deck & lots more windows. the kitchen is off the living room so hopefully i won't have to listen to N doing dishes & cook while i try to watch TV.

weirdest thing happened while we where looking at the place. N was talking to her while i was looking in the bedroom/bathroom, then i saw the closet. now i'm not someone with lots of close or who likes to shop much. i don't really consider myself "girlie", more practical.BUT when i saw the closet, i had a visceral reaction. i had a girl reaction! my heart swelled, i got lightheaded & almost fainted. it's walk-in and will have plenty of room for everything we have! no more coats sharing the litter closet.

no pictures until we're moved in. but something to look forward too. then in March we're going to vegas for 2 nites for FREE! N got a coupon from one of the player clubs there for a few casinos offering 2 nites during the week free. we picked Bally's since we love that area, they have comedy shows for cheap & my favorite reason--SBARRO & the deli that made the sammy below in the basement---right next to N's favorite the sportsbook.


Strayer said...

How Wonderful!!!!! I am so happy for you.

HB Livin' said...

thanks! we knew it would take time and it all worked out..so far :)

V said...

Awesome! It sounds like a much better place. :)

Vegas? So jealous!